I’m noticing that we are all getting much more comfortable relying on the internet to meet our needs. We are all buying more products and receiving many of our services online. Just last week, I purchased food with a few clicks and I had my doctor’s appointment via teleconference. It was just as easy for my doc to tell me to take two aspirin and see him in the morning via Zoom as it was in person! 

Everyone is talking about the “new normal” and I think we are all slowly rethinking what services and products can be obtained without traveling to a “brick and mortar” locations. It’s the same for legal services, mediation and other vital services.

Over the past few weeks, I’m seeing more of a shift happening in my own practice.  I’m mediating divorces in Plattsburgh, Saranac Lake, Old Forge and other areas of the Adirondack Region, as well as a commercial matter in Plattsburgh. I’m even mediating a workplace dispute where both individuals have been working virtually for a company with one party in Kingston and the other in Syracuse. Think about it…. a virtual mediation involving two co-workers in a virtual workplace!

In the past, when performing in-person mediation in remote areas, these services were provided by special arrangement were more expensive for my clients when factoring in my travel costs. But now that folks are becoming more comfortable with both video and teleconferencing, they are able to avail themselves of my services with no extra costs and with the unparalleled convenience of staying at home or at their offices.

As I say to my clients, simply click on the provided web address, open the window in your browser, and start the process. It’s that easy. Wherever you are.